Slumber Party

Our littles are about to leave us until tomorrow night. In fact, by the time you read this they’ll be gone. It’s their first overnight visit with their mom. We’re excited for her to have this experience. If I’m putting myself in her shoes, I can only imagine that she can’t wait for them to get there. She has never put them to bed. We know she’s been waiting a very long time for this. 

I wrote their mom a note and gave her a few pointers as to what the bedtime routine has been here. I know she may choose to burn the letter and do it her own way, and that’s her choice, but when it comes down to it, it benefits everyone if she knows what works for them. She can and should put her own spin on it and I’m sure she will. 

I went to T-Mobile last night to add a phone line to our plan so she can call us on that phone anytime she needs to. I realize that phone may never ever ring but I want her to have a little piece of mind knowing she has someone if it ever gets too hard, and don’t we all need that as parents? Someone to call when we just need a break. And if I’m being honest, it fulfills our selfish need to know she has a way to contact us now or later if she ever needs us. 

Trust me, it would have been easier to be petty and not write the note. Not get the cell phone. Alas, we did it because we know it’ll make this a little bit easier for them. As much of a struggle as this has been, we are trying to accept this. Don’t get me wrong, we’re nowhere near acceptance but we’re working on it. We’re doing our best. That’s all we can do right now. It’s a good start. 

Our hearts are sinking a little bit but we know they need this experience, and so do we. We don’t want them to go, but we know it’s part of their inevitable transition and we need to work through this…as painful as it may be. Here goes…




One thought on “Slumber Party

  1. Niki Martins says:

    You guys are in my thoughts. You’re 2 true Angels with hearts of pure gold and love. You’ve made a lasting impact on those 2 littles, please know this. Love you both. Xoxo


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