Well, that backfired. Instead of being appreciative of the letter I sent, we were told today not to speak with their mom. Even though we were just encouraged to “make nice” so we could see them after they go home for good. 

I don’t fucking get it. We’re wrong either way. I’m so sick of watching kids get further victimized while their piece of shit parents get coddled. I’m so sick of being treated like a doormat. Not appreciated. Not taken seriously. Why are we even here??? 

And I’m not just talking about the bio parents in this situation. I’m venting here, so don’t go on about the poor parents or the people on the case being overloaded with work because even though those two statements can be true, it’s no excuse for treating foster parents like they are insignificant. Further, it’s no excuse to let these kids suffer because nobody gives a damn about what’s truly best for them.

The amount of times they have overlooked major shit just floors me. You wanna break the law? Suuuuure, go right ahead. What further irritates me is that there’s an entire group of people bending over backwards and going through stress and heartache because ONE person got their kids taken away, yet that ONE person isn’t mature enough to comprehend that we’re all bending over and taking it for HER benefit. 

How nice of her to sit there and piss and moan about how the entire world is against her, yet everyone in her world is fighting for what’s hers! Fighting for her to have something back she should have never lost in the first goddamn place! 

Honest to God, if you don’t agree with me or can’t understand my frustration please don’t comment. I’m coming unglued in my writing so I can stay put together in the rest of my world. Don’t use my safe place as a way to redirect me. I need these words left here so I don’t speak them into the air. 




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