Lessons learned and hope reborn

Week two was hard. I really struggled. 

So I weighed in this morning and I was pleasantly delighted to see that I lost another pound. Not 13 pounds like last Monday’s weigh in but one whole pound. I struggled a lot last week. My cycle came in like a wrecking ball and I just felt shitty. I didn’t work out that hard, if at all, and the cravings were fierce! I’m happy to say that I didn’t give into them but maybe once when we went out for Mexican food on Friday night. The chips and salsa were after me and I just let it happen. I’m not mad about it. If that’s the worst thing I gave into then I won’t beat myself up for it.What I realized after losing one pound in the last week is how much this program truly works together to make you feel good, make good choices, and help you lose weight. Hope is not something I have felt for myself in a long time…maybe ever. To feel like I can actually do this and defeat my weight problems is motivation in and of itself. I’m still basking in the glow of my now 14-pound weight loss.

What I realized after losing one pound in the last week is how much this program truly works together to make you feel good, make positive choices, and help you lose weight. I’m still basking in the glow of my now 14-pound weight loss. In two weeks, that’s quite the plunge and I’m really happy, but it’s imperative I go hard on my workouts every day and I continue to eat the way I’m supposed to. When combined, those elements brought me a huge loss in the first week. I know that weigh ins like that will begin to dissipate as I continue to go through this journey from fat to fit, but as long as I am putting better food into my body and working out, I’ll never be doing myself wrong.

The food I’m eating is still incredible and Mitch is even getting into all these Paleo recipes. Honestly, I haven’t eaten this good in a long time – if ever! Something interesting I noticed is how my stomach reacts to the foods I’m eating. I had my gallbladder out when I was 12, and if you’ve had a gallbladder surgery you know that your tummy likes to revolt whatever it is you ate. Since eating better, my body isn’t rejecting the foods I’ve been eating like it used to. I can only see positivity in this because that means it’s saying, “Hi, yes, I love the food you’re putting in me now. I don’t want to kick it out of you violently anymore. Better yet, I’ll let it stick around so you can retain the nutrients from your most recent nosh fest!” Thanks, Mr. Tummy!

My focuses this week are to go hard on my workouts Monday through Friday, accept that I’ll likely skip weekend workouts (and that’s okay), stay focused on my eating plan, drink more water, and know that when Saturday comes around and it’s our big Bunco fundraiser, I’ll allow myself to partake in a small bit of the goodness we’re serving to our guests. Who says no to a full nacho bar and custom cupcakes??? I won’t completely lose my shit and eat 45,000 pounds of nachos (because I totally could) but I’ll be really mindful of my portion sizes. Like I said, I’m going to work really hard all week to earn more weight loss on Monday morning, but I’m also not going to feel horrible about myself when I enjoy the festivities on Saturday. I realize that it’ll be one bad meal…not a gateway to throw my hands up in the air and yell, “F it!” for the entire weekend.

It feels so good to feel better in my skinny jeans. Even the little things like feeling like I fit into my car more comfortably has been a glimmer of happiness for me! Shameless plug time. If you’re interested in doing this program, leave a comment  or send me an email so you can get your questions answered. No pressure!

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Getting my feet wet

It’s Sunday night, so it has officially been a full week since I started the Beach Body 21 Day Fix program. Overall, I feel healthier but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m making a conscious effort to treat my body much better or if I am legitimately already experiencing physical changes. I can tell you one thing for sure, I put on one of my favorite t-shirts on Saturday and felt like there was a bit more wiggle room in there. If nothing else, I’ve lost some water weight and an inch.

Okay, so I just decided to go weigh myself and I’ve lost 4.9 pounds!!! I should weigh myself again in the morning because I’m wearing all of my clothes and because it’s the evening. When I weighed in the first time it was the morning. If this is correct, I’m going to lose my mind!

On a scale from 1-10 in terms of difficulty, my first week would rate at a solid 5. It was pretty easy to eat “the good stuff” instead of the “the bad stuff.” The 21 Day Fix program is basically a clean eating program that Beach Body helps you follow. You also do a workout every day. I’m not about to start this blog off by lying. I skipped my weekend workouts. I know, I know. I’m only sabotaging myself but I have a really good excuse (notice that I didn’t say reason). This next sentence might be a little TMI so feel free to skip it and go to the next paragraph. Last chance! Okay. So I ended up having a little visitor surprise me on Friday. Ladies, you know this visitor. She’s an aunt of yours and she usually makes you feel like shit. Yes. I started my first period in over a year…at least. I attribute this to the exercise. And even though it has made me crampy, emotional, and send my cravings through the roof, I didn’t give in.

On Friday night, I ended up getting kidnapped by a few girlfriends and taken to the casino for bingo and slots. As always, it was a ton of fun but I got nervous on the ride over. They have THE BEST cheese fries, chicken strips, and popcorn there. Not to mention unlimited refills on your beverage of choice. My friends ordered chicken strips and fries, a burger and chili cheese fries, and an Indian taco with potato wedges and cheese sauce for dinner. One of my friends brought a box full of delicious donuts that sat next to me all night since I had more elbow room. You know what I ordered? An effing chicken salad! Was it delicious? Of course it was. Was I regretful that I didn’t splurge? No. Did I want to lick everything at our table? Absolutely!

“Oh, Aubrey, just take one bite, it won’t kill your diet. Having one won’t kill you. You’ve done so well all week, just treat yourself. You’ve earned this. You can have a little bit and then stay focused the rest of the time.” 

You know who said that to me? ME! If you ever worry that you’re the only one to self-sabotage out there, here I am flailing my arms saying that’s not true. Imagine if you had a friend sitting right next to you saying all those things. They wouldn’t be a very good friend, would they? You’d want to cut that person out of your life since they clearly didn’t have your best interest at heart, wouldn’t you? Well, that’s what I’m trying to do. That “friend” is my inner fat girl and she’s begging for me to recognize how hard this is. She’s begging for me to fail…again. Sorry, sister, but you’re becoming a distant friend.

Included are a few of my favorite meals from the week. You’ll see the Shakeology shakes I have for breakfast that taste like dessert. No, seriously! The Greek yogurt and raspberries was a little too tart for my liking. The quinoa and chicken was quite tasty. I added dried cherries to the quinoa and it about changed my life. The stir fry – hands down, the best meal of the week! Flank steak, red and yellow peppers, carrots, brown rice, and red pepper flakes. So. Damn. Tasty! Finally, new yoga pants and leggings because Lane Bryant was having a killer sale and who wants to work out in plain clothes?

[insert infomercial] If you’re interested in learning more about Beach Body I am a Beach Body coach and I can help answer your questions. Comment below and I’ll get in touch with you!